There will also a facebook pages for Coldstreamers reunion, this is still in pre production mode
This website has been reopened to facilitate the annual Coldstream Guards reunion, which has now been in place since 2007.   So as you can imagine, 2017 will be a special weekend for our 10th year anniversary which was first introduced by Dixie Dean, and what a job he had done to get this whole function in motion.  The reunions have now been held in Blackpool, Liverpool, Coventry and we are now back to Liverpool for the next few years.
The service that this site will provide will be for the use of those attending future reunions and will cascade information leading up to the event via this site.
This will also serve as a document library so that individuals can make the hotel bookings, enter their menu of choice and for some, administer their group table.  As and when bookings are made a table layout, as a pdf document, will be available for you to track.
With the recent handover from Trev Lawley to Kieran Glynn and Kev Perry to now manage this function going forward, there will be a schedule posted to give you all a breakdown of what the weekend will involve. This will especially be prominent for the Saturday night function as there will be a variety of items going on.  Don Weatherall will be adding some extra spice to the evening but as yet this has yet to be agreed.
I hope this small introduction provides a bit of support that we are moving in the right direction even though we have just over 11 months of work left till the 2017 event.
Reunion Team
Welcome to the Coldstream Guards reunion website
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